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Topic: Way of the Fist(Monk PvP Guide)

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Way of the Fist(Monk PvP Guide)

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Your role: Disruptor, Debuffer, Consistent Damage Dealer, Support.


Your primary targets: Black Mage, Summoner, White Mage/Scholar


Your role simply is mainly that of an anti-caster.  You do good sustained damage but what you excel at even more is stopping the other team from killing your teammates.  Moves like axe kick, arm of the destroyer, and somersault allow you to do this.  Monk is probably the most versatile class in the game.  They are a black mage's worst enemy if played right.  Save Axe Kick for when you see a melee DPS pop his cooldowns(MRDs are best to shut down with axe kick.)  Somersault is amazing on black mages.  Arm of the destroyer is a very situational move that can be used with perfect balance for 10 seconds of silence, followed up by a possible 6 seconds of stun.  The cost of this is that you lose a lot of dps.  But if you use this on a black mage or healer, you can lock them down almost completely.  Coordinate with your team on this to see what they wanna do.


One Ilm Punch

This move dispels buffs from your target.  Here is a list of removable and non-removable buffs.


Confirmed removable:
Raging Strikes
Blood for Blood
Fight or Flight
Whispering Dawn


Heavy Thrust buff

Straight Shot buff

Attunement: If you can manage to hit the target


Non removable or unknown:


Vengeance DMG reduction
Monk Forms
Greased Lightning


One Ilm Punch is especially useful on Scholars.  Every time I see them casting Adloquim, I ready my One Ilm punch to remove the Galvanize buff.  Other than that I will frequently use it for removing either Stoneskin, Regen, or defensive buffs that a DPS pops on himself.  I do not usually remove offensive buffs, as I can lock them down with pacify/stun combo if they pop those, and probably kill them if they have BfB up.


Axe Kick: 240 potency upgrade: 9 second duration upgrade(I got the 240 potency upgrade because it can be used well in a burst rotation or to stop the enemy depending on the situation, making this skill versatile.)


Somersault: 50% spell speed reduction upgrade(I would've also gone into the 20 second duration, but I used my last 3 points for enliven.)


Fetter Ward: 10 second upgrade(This upgrade is essential.  Pop it before you unleash your burst onto an enemy.)


Weapon Throw: Basic(I only got the basic version of this.  The recast reduction is tempting, but I had no points left to put into it.  20% movement speed reduction was enough to catch people.  I also don't need them to be heavied for 12 seconds as 6 seconds is enough for me to catch them.


Enliven: Basic(I got the basic version of this as well.  I find it helps me in keeping on black mages especially.  I also buy Icarus Wings when possible, so I can basically sprint 4-5 times in a match and restore TP.  Combine that with Shoulder Tackle and it is hard for enemies to evade me.)


Purify: Basic(I did not feel I needed a CD reduction on this when my points were better spent elsewhere.)


Enhanced Strength: None(I had no points left to use on this, although it would've been nice.)



Pentamelding your gear:


Currently, my ideal gear setup would look something like this.


Weapon: 36 Crit/9 Skillspeed

Head: 21 Skill speed/12 Det

Chest: 34 Crit/9 Skillspeed

Gloves: 21 Crit/12 Det

Legs: 34 Skill speed/9 Acc


Boots: 18 Skill speed/12 Det/9 acc


Total = 91 Crit 91 Skill speed 36 Det 18 Acc


This is what my stats are like in base atm.


357 Acc

465 Crit

282 Det

362 Skill Speed


These would be my ideal upgraded stats with melds.


375 Acc

556 Crit

318 Det

 453 Skill Speed


The reason I chose Skill Speed over Det was because of how Greased Lightning works.  In PvP it is not always easy to keep GL up, given the CC and how server lag sometimes works.  GL gives us a 27% damage boost and 15% attack speed boost, it is the core of our class, and needs to be kept up as much as possible.  I feel stacking Skill Speed gives the best chance for this, and it also helps you crit more as well.  Crit is equally important as it will help you burst in PvP.  Det is a desirable stat, but considering I'd have to sacrifice Skill Speed to stack Det, I decided against that.

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monk power!!!

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Blue wrote:

monk power!!!

 No. Just no.


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Lady Shin wrote:
Blue wrote:

monk power!!!

 No. Just no.

 Wow stop hating on the beautiful monk class :(.

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