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Topic: PvP with Semjase

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PvP with Semjase

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Click Here for The Video
An update to the codex that focuses on gearing and combat mastery for the rising PvP Shadow / Assassin.

0:21 – 2:00: Combat Mastery (Tips, Guide)
2:01 – 4:13: Army of One Sneak Peak

Xinika Productions


The eternal path to gearing will live on as long as this game continues. Only the ilvl changes but the names generally remain the same. There are priorities to consider when gearing a Shadow / Assassin. The number one thing is what kind of playstyle do you choose to fit yourself into?

Burst-Type Assassins are great at small scale combat since they have the capability to down a target quick due to their high power output. However, they pale in the longrun compared to their DPS-Type counterparts that trade some of that small scale burst for more prolonged encounters on the battlefield.

Assassins / Shadows gearing for burst should place their gearing investments into low crit, high power. Crit should not drop lower than 21%.

  • Advanced Aptitude Mods
  • Advanced Adept Enhancements
  • Power Augments
  • Stalker MK-2 Motivator
  • Force-Mystic MK-1 Relay
  • Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  • Relic of Devastating Vengeance

Assassins / Shadows gearing for sustained damage should place their gearing investments into high crit, preferably 25% or higher.

  • Advanced Mettle Mods (BX ver)
  • Advanced Battle Enhancements
  • Power Augments
  • Stalker MK-1 Chip
  • Stalker MK-1 Motivator
  • Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  • Relic of Devastating Vengeance

Combat Mastery

Wisdom for the uprising Shadow / Assassin.

Wait before using abilities such as CrD. Bait the opponent's breaker.


Predictive Shrouds can avoid CC. Always know what your opponents can and cannot do.

Cloak + Mass Taunt
A useful tactic to get you out of combat without your foes utilizing the chance to heal themselves, thus giving you the advantage to reopen after their defensive cooldowns.

Mind Maze into CrD

An excellent way to make sure your opponent is locked down without visual sight on you until it's too late, allowing you the kill window.

Phase Walk
Optimal usage for Phase Walk varies based on the situation. There are times where you can use it to wait out an opponent's offensive / defensive cooldowns, other times to avoid heavy damage.

Never be Predictable
The one who is flexible will always triumph. You have to be willing to try new tactics, new strategies and face your fears.

There are multiple ways you can open as an Assassin based on the target you are pursuing. The only way to find the right one is to try something until it works.

Defensive, Offensively
Using your defensive cds such as Shroud or Cloak offensively can catch opponents off guard and pile an enormous amount of damage into them.

The next update will focus on PvE gearing.


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