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Topic: Coil Compendium

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Coil Compendium

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I figured I would put a compilation of information for those who will soon be attempting Bahamut's Coil in the future, so here it is.


Turn 1:


Turn 1 Video Guide:


Turn 1 Loot:


Boss 1: ADS, no loot

Important Mechanic 1: High Voltage
ADS will cast a raid wide AoE that puts 30 second paralyze debuff (non-curable) on everyone in the raid. This must be interrupted/silenced. This happens fast enough you need to trade interrupts between 2 people

Important Mechanic 2: Adds
Adds will spawn at the entrance to the room with different mechanics. If the adds get too close to the boss they link and you wipe.

Semi-Important Mechanic 1: Laz0rz. 
ADS picks a target and puts a long line-dd on the ground that explodes shortly afterwards doing a decent amount of dmg. If ADS picks a target on the other side of the room he will move around to get in range, sometimes this puts him in danger of linking with the Adds.

Unimportant Mechanic 1: Shitty PBAE, dodge it. 

MT Tanks ADS near where he spawns, dps/heals stand between entrance and ADS tank spot. OT can dps but must be near entrance to pick up add when it spawns.

Bard + Pally or 2 Bards easiest way to interrupt the High Voltage. If HV goes off you can live through it but its difficult.

What makes it challenging:
- Not missing a High Voltage interrupt
- Not having enough DPS and getting overwhelmed with adds
- Letting the add get too close to the boss



Boss 2: Cadaceus


Mechanic 1: Stacking Buff
Every 30 seconds or so the boss gains a stacking debuff increasing his damage. You can clear a stack of this debuff by dragging a slime in to him. The boss will heal relative to the amount of HP the slime has when he merges in to it.

Mechanic 2: Slimes
Platforms will light up also every 30 seconds or so. Anyone standing on the platform will spawn a slime that has perma-aggro on that player. If the player runs away the slime will explode doing massive dmg. Slimes need to be dps'd down to <25% and dragged in to the boss.

Important Mechanic 3: Split
Around 60% the boss will split in to 2 versions of himself now with only 30% hp and doing half damage. Buffs will stack now on both bosses and slimes need to be dragged to both bosses. Bosses need to be tanked far apart from each other. If they get to close they will merge and the buff will stack about 1 stack per 2-3 seconds essentially wiping you.

Important Mechanic 4: Boss Death
The 2 bosses must die close to the same time. 

Unimportant Mechanic 1: Cleave
Don't stand in front of him

Unimportant Mechanic 2: Tail Swipe
Don't stand behind him

Unimportant Mechanic 3: Acid Spit
Will target 1 random person and spit a pool of acid on the ground. 

Basic Strat:
Spread out. If you are all clumped in 1 area a platform may light up on the other side of the room. Know who is getting the slimes, be vocal. If you are not getting a slime get off the platform. Help DPS the slime down to 20% before it merges. Merge the slime from 3oclock or 9oclock on the boss to avoid dmg.

DPS avoiding unnecessary dmg is key.

Time the boss split having 0 stacks on him to make the fight easy. If he splits with 1 stack on him the fight will be difficult. Be vocal. 

On split, take your 8man and split in to 2 even groups (2 dps, 1 tank 1 healer) and burn your respective bosses. Continue to drag slimes in to the boss during this phase to make it easy. 

What we did:
Tank the boss on the spine of the 2 platforms in front of him from when you enter the room. This gives your MT 3 platforms he could potentially run to if they light up (you don't want your MT spawning slimes because they instantly merge in to the boss giving him a huge heal). Tank will take double dmg when they are together and requires lots of healing. 

Upon split the OT will attack 1-2 times to get threat and sprint to the back left platform relative to when you enter the boss room. Take your time, be vocal, dps them down and collect your items.

Fight took about 10-12 minutes.

What we found hard:
Getting the split with 0 stacks. Aggro management during transition. Also a small learning curve from people for dragging slimes without taking damage and without getting too far away. Heals on DPS make this fight hard. Once we nailed the transition on split the entire fight was easy.



Turn 2: 


Turn 2 video Guide:


Turn 2 Loot:


Boss: ADS

Important Mechanic 1: High Voltage

ADS will cast a raid wide AoE that puts 30 second paralyze debuff (non-curable) on everyone in the raid. This must be interrupted/silenced. This happens fast enough you need to trade interrupts between 2 people


Important Mechanic 2: Ballast

Casts a conal AoE at a 270 degree angle in front of the boss.  Melee need to get behind where he faces when he does the AoE, ranged simply need to be far enough out of range of it.


Important Mechanic 3: Firestorm

Casts a star shaped fire move.  There will be a very quick cast time in which melee should move away from the boss, and ranged/melee should also make sure not to stand in the red lines.


Important Mechanic 4: Allagan Rot

a buff that hits someone. You need to SPREAD out ASAP when he begins to cast it. It counts down from 18 or 15 seconds and it needs to be passed off to someone. You do this by walking over to them and standing on them for one second. Once you do they will gain the buff and you will gain a 30ish second debuff so you cant receive it again. 5 people numbered communicating seems to be enough to handle it. As long as you stay spread and have situational awareness you should be fine. It never ends and if you mess it up BOOM raid.


Important Mechanic 5: Gravity Field

This puts void zones on the ground which slow you and do damage, you should try to avoid stepping in these if possible.



His area is divided into several rooms to get to him you need to kill at least 3 smaller bosses.
Each of these give a buff to the final boss the buffs are as followed:

 Phys DMG up 
Pierce Resistance Slash Resistance
Blunt Resistance Magic Resistance

Killing them removes the following skills from the boss:

270degrees Chain lightning
Pools Fire waves
 Allagan Rot 

All the bosses:
Cast High Voltage which needs to be interrupted by 2 silencers.
Have frontal cleaves
Cast chain lightning for small damage and also casts Vacuum tube for small AOE damage
Cast repelling cannons with a circle indicator you need to move from

Real boss ADS

  • He has all of the same abilities above so you will always be silencing and dodging repelling.
  • When the timer in the room reaches 0 he will kill everyone
  • A big laser that hurts/kills
  • At roughly 70% he will begin casting Allagan rot which is a buff that hits someone. You need to SPREAD out ASAP when he begins to cast it. It counts down from 18 or 15 seconds and it needs to be passed off to someone. You do this by walking over to them and standing on them for one second. Once you do they will gain the buff and you will gain a 30ish second debuff so you cant receive it again. 5 people numbered communicating seems to be enough to handle it. As long as you stay spread and have situational awareness you should be fine. It never ends and if you mess it up BOOM raid.
  • At 50% he gains void zones you have to run out of or the fire waves
  • At 25% he gains a HUGE 270ish degree cleave so basically you have the 90 behind him. Having him tanked in the corner is a blessing unless you killed the boss that grants it.


Turn 3:


Turn 3 Video Guide:

Turn 3 Loot: None


There's not too much to say here, all the mobs in here are trash.  This is simply a transition turn between turns 2 and 4, and doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose.


Turn 4: 


Turn 4 video guide:

Turn 4 Loot:

Turn 4 Visual Guide:

There are no bosses in this turn, instead I will be speaking of this in terms of the waves that appear.


Phase 1: Clockwork Spider x6


Not much to say here, simply kill the 6 Clockwork spiders as fast as possible, however you have to get a feel for what dps cooldowns you need to use before the next wave spawns.  The next wave will either spawn when you kill these spiders, or before that if you do not kill the spiders fast enough.  Generally, the better your group's dps is, the less dps cooldowns you will want to use on this wave.


Phase 2: Clockwork Soldierx2 Clockwork Knight x2


For this you want your melee/ranged dps on the knights, and the magical dps attacking the soldiers.  This is because the knights reflect magical damage, and the soldiers have a strong stoneskin on them.  These mobs will do a move called headspin, so the melee want to attack these mobs from max range.  On the last mob alive, the third wave will spawn.


Phase 3: Clockwork Dreadnaught x1 Clockwork Spider x4


For this it's wise to have the White Mage Stoneskin your main tank and also have a virus rotation ready for this dreadnought.  You are going to be letting this dreadnought absorb the 4 spiders, so he is going to hit hard.  This phase is a dps check, as if you do not kill this dreadnaught fast enough more spiders will spawn, and he will absorb them and gain health back and also hit for more.  Rooks will also spawn, so if you do not kill this dreadnought in time, it is basically a wipe.


Phase 4: Clockwork Spider x4, Spinner Rook x2


The rooks are the enemies who should be dying first in this wave.  The reason for this is they have a move called Pox, which gives a 25% health debuff if it hits you.  All those in close range of the rooks should be making sure they are not in front of the rooks when they cast Pox.  There are is no red conal effect on the ground when the rooks do this, so you have to be vigilant to make sure it does not hit you.  You should be AoEing as much as possible to kill all these mobs before the next wave.  If you have a BLM or SMN, you may want to have them use their limit break on these mobs for some added AoE damage.


Phase 5: Clockwork Dreadnought x1, Clockwork Soldier x1, Clockwork Knight x1


Have the tank hold the dreadnought while the dps kill the soldier and knight.  Once the Soldier and Knight are down, start attacking the dreadnought until the next wave begins.  


Phase 6: Spinner Rook x1, Clockwork Soldier x1, Clockwork Knight x1, Clockwork Spider x2


You're going to want to kill the rook first here.  Make sure to avoid Pox.  At this point, the tank will be tanking 2 dreadnoughts.  Kill the dreadnought from phase 5 that you were attacking before first.  Once that dreadnought is dead, start killing the soldier and knight.  After that is dead, kill the spiders if necessary.  The new dreadnought will be the last thing to die.  If you took too long to dps all of this down, a constant AoE will tick on your entire group, giving you basically a timer until your group dies, so this is yet another dps check.



Turn 5: 


Turn 5 World First Kill Video:

 Turn 5 Loot:

Turn 5 World First Discussion:


Order of the Blue Garter's Twintania Coloring and Activity Book


This write-up is less of a guide and much more of a basic framework, intended to give players new to turn 5 an overview of the fight. Part of the fun and accomplishment in tackling turn 5 is devising a strategy and composition that works best for your group(s).

Twintania is the only encounter in Turn 5, the final part to the Binding Coil of Bahamut in 2.0. The fight consists of multiple phases with many different mechanics that can interact in interesting (or frustrating) ways. Accounting for a full party with an aggregate ilvl of 80 (mix of ilvl 90 and ilvl 70 pieces), there are strict tanking, healing, and DPS checks interspersed throughout the fight – along with a 13-minute hard enrage timer from the time you pull, at which point Twintania will shatter any visible Neurolinks and repeatedly perform Aetheric Profusion, a party-wide, arena-wide attack for ~8k damage.

Throughout the entire fight, Twintania performs a sequence of auto-attacks and special moves:

  • Plummet - Frontal AoE for ~2.5-4k damage
  • Death Sentence - Single-target attack with brief cast time for ~5-7k unmitigated. After the first Neurolink drops (see below), this also places a debuff called Infirmity on its target, which reduces healing received by a tremendous amount.

Phase 1: 100% to 85%

The fight begins with engaging three Scourges of Meracydia along with Twintania herself. The Scourges don't deal that much damage with their auto-attacks, but they will periodically cast a move called Liquid Hell. This is a random secondary target cast on any party member in the arena that inflicts minor impact damage (less than 1k usually), then places a large fire void zone at the point of impact. This void zone ticks for roughly 1.5k. Players can move during Liquid Hell casts to preemptively move out of a potential Liquid Hell zone.

Twintania should be tanked the entire time while Scourges are dealt with. Once those adds are down, the party can fully engage Twintania and get a feel for how to deal with her sequence of attacks in terms of healing. When she reaches 85%, part of her collar will break, dropping a circular area on the ground called a Neurolink. Standing in a Neurolink will inflict a debuff for as long as a player remains inside it. One important thing to note is that breaking the collar establishes her attack sequence rhythm for the rest of the entire fight, all the way down to 0%.

Phase 2: 84% to 55%

Once the first part of the collar has dropped, Twintania gains a new set of moves and will perform Fireball first.


Fireball is indicated by a red-and-black targeting triangle above a player's head, also accompanied by R2D2 reciting excerpts from the Henriad. After a few seconds, Twintania will shoot the target for ~14-16k damage divided among all of the players in a small radius. For each player (or player's pet) that it hits, Twintania will gain one stack of Waxen Flesh with a total duration of 24 seconds. The more stacks of Waxen Flesh she has, the shorter the Conflagration lifespan will be. Three stacks will result in a 20-second Conflagration. Four stacks will result in a 15-second Conflagration.


Conflagration is indicated by a blue-and-black targeting circle above a player's head, accompanied by R2D2 trying to get your attention because hey, FIRE. After a few seconds from the appearance of the circle, this move will create a dome centered on the targeted player. Anyone inside the dome will be prevented from performing any actions and suffer damage over time at a rate of approximately 200 per tick. It is also possible to suffer the DoT without being locked inside if the player is too close to the dome.

Positioning in this phase should be dictated by the method that will result in the least required movement as well as provide damage intake that is healable and Conflagration duration that is DPSable.

Due to how Fireball and Conflagration interact, it is possible to artificially extend the lifespan of a Conflagration if the Fireball target runs into the Conflagration. This will render Twintania unable to land a Fireball during the Conflagration; her Waxen Flesh stacks will wear off, resetting the Conflagration's lifespan. It is also possible for the main tank to run into the Conflagration. S/he will sustain the DoT, but Twintania will be unable to damage him while s/he is inside the Conflagration.

At roughly 55-54%, another part of Twintania's shackles will break, dropping another Neurolink.

Phase 3: (54%) Divebombs, Asclepius, and Hygieia

Once the second Neurolink drops, Twintania will fly out of the arena and begin targeting random individuals in the party with Divebomb. This will place a green-and-black targeting circle over someone's head, R2D2 will chime in with a position on the geopolitical ramifications of climate change in sub-Saharan regions, then Twintania will swoop into the arena at the targeted person. She has static starting positions depending on where the target is standing in the arena, so it is possible to fully minimize your margin of error by stacking the group and controlling where she appears and where she dives.


After the first three dives, three snakes will spawn: a miniboss named Asclepius and two smaller snakes named Hygieia. When a Hygieia dies, it performs a move called Disseminate, which places a 40-second debuff on all surrounding targets (players + mobs) that drastically increases damage taken. (The tooltip is incorrect; it applies to all damage taken). If a player or mob with Disseminate receives another Disseminate effect, the debuff stacks and its duration is refreshed.


45 seconds after Asclepius and two Hygieia spawn, a second set of three Divebombs will begin regardless of the mobs still alive. After this set of Divebombs concludes, two more Hygieia will spawn, and you will have 60 seconds until Twintania makes her triumphant return to the arena.

Phase 4: 54% to 30%

Twintania will fly down and perform Aetheric Profusion for roughly 7-9k damage to all targets. If players stand in any Neurolink, the damage will be mitigated to roughly 2.8-3.5k. Afterwards, she will resume her attack pattern from before she left the arena for Divebombs. She will also gain some new moves.


Twister is a short cast that randomly targets 4 players unless there are less than 4 players alive. During its cast bar, Twintania places an invisible plume – like a bullseye or land mine – directly underneath each target's feet. If the player does not successfully move off the invisible plume before Twister resolves, or if the player moves too far from the invisible plume before Twister resolves, Twister will instantly kill that person.

Pre-nerf footage from Junpei Gunso's perspective:

Any method of dodging that fulfills the requirements of the mechanic will work, whether it's a C, an L, a spiral, a circle, a sidestep, a box, or sea otters holding hands. Prior to the nerf performed on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013, the timing was extremely unforgiving. For a more detailed explanation, see this post by Rokuthy. Post-nerf, a player needs to simply move during the cast bar and not retrace his or her own steps.

Unwoven Will is a random secondary target stun. As Twintania performs this move, a Dreadknight will drop from the sky near the center of the arena. The stun will last on the target until the Dreadknight dies. While the Dreadknight remains alive, it will hobble towards the Unwoven Will target, and if it reaches that person, it will instantly kill him or her with a move called Caber Toss. Dreadknights can be stunned and targeted by Lethargy.

During all this, as stated previously, Twintania will continue to Plummet and Death Sentence, but the timing of those moves will shift due to her usage of Twister and Unwoven Will.

At 30-29%, the last part of Twintania's shackles will break, dropping the third and final Neurolink.

Phase 5: 29% to 0%


Twintania will cease Twister and Unwoven Will once the final Neurolink drops and use two new moves.

Liquid Hell makes a return from the very first phase, but with a twist: it still uses a random secondary target, but Twintania will fire 5 Liquid Hells in succession at that target.

Hatch is signaled by three purple-and-black orbs surrounding a random secondary target and R2D2 performing karaoke alone and drunk. After a few seconds, Twintania will lay an egg that will then home in on that target. If the target is outside a Neurolink when the egg reaches him or her, it will Hatch for ~6.5k damage. If the target is standing inside a Neurolink, Hatch will deal roughly 1.5k damage. This is a PBAoE explosion, so surrounding players will also receive damage if they are too close, and if they are outside the Neurolink, they will receive unmitigated Hatch damage.

If you can successfully deal with those two mechanics while still surviving the regular Plummet and Death Sentence sequence, and also meet the DPS requirement stipulated by the 13-minute hard enrage timer, that's it: Twintania will die.

For more information, see our pre-nerf world first video. Thanks to our kill team and everyone else in Blue Garter who contributed to a grueling progression push on this fight, whether through theorycrafting, strategy breakdowns, random ideas, hours and hours of work, and sexual/moral support.





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Thanks for posting this Zab.

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Thanks for posting this Zab.

 No problem, I truly hope this helps those people that will be attempting Coil for the first time soon.

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