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Hello and welcome to the forums for the The Watchmen! I'd like to set aside this thread as a place for new users to come in and say hello, as well as tell us a little bit about yourselves.

If you would, please list:

  • How you were directed towards this site
  • Whether or not you play SWTOR (presently or in the past)
  • Your SWTOR name (main)
  • What Server you play on
  • The class(es) you play for PvP
  • What you expect to get out of these forums
  • Something interesting about yourself

If you are interested in joining <The Watchmen> guild on Canderous Ordo then please follow this link and fill out the brief application (try to be as descriptive as possible): Watchmen Guild Recruitment

If you are here to talk about PvP, learn about PvP, ask specific players about classes, or just wanted to tell Shin she's awesome, then go ahead and hop into one of the many already created threads or start your own!

Anyways, we welcome you here and hope to grow this site into the #1 place for SWTOR PvP. Tell your friends!


Ladispute, Super Tank


"if actions speak louder than words, then I'm the most deafening noise you've heard"

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