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Topic: PvP Updates

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Xinika the Omnispawna
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PvP Updates

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I wanted to give an update regarding PvP issues and incoming fixes.

  • Scan bot – The fix to allow them to be disabled in PvP has been implemented internally and is being tested by QA.

Once verified, the intent is to get the fix pushed out next week.

  • Win trading – We are looking into adding a system that will result in both a loss in rating and a deserter debuff if you decline a rated match. I am also working with CS to draft a plan to deal with players who participate in win trading (more on this to come).
  • Tanking Rating – We are investigating several options to help prevent this:
  1. Potential revisions to the matching game formula (pending approval)
  2. Gear progression revisions. This will help on two fronts; it will enable players to progress more gradually and overcome progression hurdles while also making them more viable against players who tank their rating.


Here is an example of what gear progression could look like:

Tier       Gear      New Rating Req      Old Rating Req       
1        Implant              1250                   1500       
1        Weapon Attachment  1250          1500       
1        Energy Shield    1300                  1500       
1        Support System   1300                1500       
1        Hands                  1350                1500       
1        Feet                     1350              1500       
1        Legs                    1400            1500       
1        Shoulder              1400          1500       
1        Head                    1450         1500       
1        Chest                   1450          1500       
1        Weapon               1500           1500       
1        Gadget                 1500          1600       
2        Implant                  1550            1800       
2        Weapon Attachment  1550       1800       
2        Energy Shield       1600           1800       
2        Support System    1600           1800       
2        Hands                     1650    1800       
2        Feet                        1650    1800       
2        Legs                       1700    1800       
2       Shoulder                  1700    1800       
2       Head                        1750    1800       
2       Chest                       1750    1800       
2       Weapon                   1800    1800       
2       Elder Gadget             1800    1900    

The target is to have these updates available in drop 2, but depending on approvals, implementation and testing time they may come shortly after.

  • PvP Stat refactor – Internal testing has gone well and we are on track to push this out with drop 2. The PvP stat refactor will be pushed out to PTR with the next update.
  • Costumes in PvP – Will be in for drop 2
  • Interrupt armor – The class team is looking into addressing issues with large amounts of Interrupt Armor available
  • Item Special Balance – The class team has been continuing to resolve issues with item specials that are over-tuned
  • Queue times – we are continuing to look into this issue. More info on this when we get the next log pull.
  • Bots – This is an ongoing battle and we are adding new methods of detection while continuing to ban botting offenders.
  • Warplots – My revisions spec has received the green light and I will post an update outlining the changes I intent to make."


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Their talk and theory has always been spot on, it's the implementation that's been the problem. Let's hope they get these right.


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I do like they realize the problems and attending to fix it. Unlike Tor... cough cough


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Holy shit they listened to removing scanbots.

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How the fuck hard is it to remove scanbots from pvp? Set a bool variable to be checked when the player summons scanbot, if they're in a pvp match it returns false and the summon doesn't happen. Jesus fucking christ it's not that hard.


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