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An elite PvP / PvE FC running across multiple MMOs and currently holding the most server Firsts for Zalera, including The Server's First Twintania kill.

We are dedicated toward hardcore progression in either field of PvE or PvP. Some of our members have achieved top tier status across different games such as Gladiators from WoW, Class Representatives from other games and more.

To see some of our players in action, simply click on this link.
To find more details on how you can be apart of all this action, click here.

Where are we right now?

PvE - We have completed The Binding of Coil and EX Primals
PvE - We currently have 3 groups prepped and ready for Crystal Tower and Extreme Mode Primals. We are possibly considering the formation a 4th group.
PvP - We have been farming 4v4 with premades with over 90%+ W/L record across 500+ matches played.

What do we currently need?

PvE - An exceptional tank to come join our roster and push progression content. (Paladin)
PvE - An exceptional healer to join our roster and push progression content. (Scholar)
PvP - Scouting for possible talent of any class (Invite only)

Think you have what it takes? Contact one of our officers:

Ge Ming
Naru Narusegawa
Tear Grant
Retinol Supplement

This post will receive updates based upon what we need and don't need.
Good luck!


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