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Topic: [Warzone Guide] Shinarika Warzonia

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[Warzone Guide] Shinarika Warzonia

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Watchmen's Warzone Guide.

Here lies a Watchmen's guide to how the real PvP is in SWTOR. A lot of PvP videos have been misleading and the truth is that warzones play a lot differently than getting some solo kill in the corner. Hopefully you can all find this information useful and be more of an asset to your team on a whole.

00:37-01:01 : Rules and Assisting.
01:02-02:03 : Huttball Guide.
02:03-03:15 : Civil War Guide.
03:16-05:00 : Voidstar Guide.
05:01-06:08 : Novare Coast Guide.
06:09-07:13 : Resolve and General Tips.
07:44-09:32 : Shadow/Assassin Specifics.

Edited and Directed by Shinarika.
Presented by Watchmen.
Produced by PSI.


Watching the video is highly recommended, but if you do not have the time or the ability to do so, then here's a text version below:


- Contrary to popular belief, warzones are NOT all about killing, but rather disabling or delaying key members of the enemy team. Killing may help, but it doesn't mean it's everything.

- Do you have guard? Do you have heals? Do you have anything to help the team? Use it. Don't be selfish, this is a team effort. If you can toss an off-heal or stun a foe to help out your team mate, do it.

- This is the key to any form of success. What are you doing? Are you in a bad position? Good position? Have a good feeling that you can make it? Popping a stun? Speak up! Let your team know it all.

CC Checking
- Check your mezzes. Are you dropping a grenade? Is a guardian or sentinel using awe? Is the Operative or Scoundrel using their AoE mez? Are you force lifting or whirlwinding? Pay attention to your CCs and coordinate them. They can make or break games.

- Resolve is that little bar next to character potraits that fills up the more times players are disabled in combat. (Stuns, mezzes etc) When it reaches to full, you are immune to those stuns and mezzes for a short period of time.

- Outnumbered? Just delay them and call for help. Don't try to be a hero and solo two people. Just juke and bait them till backup arrives.
- Try not to play uniform. You need to constantly be swapping your priorities and strategies. The greatest advantage anyone can have in PvP is being unpredictable. This isn't just for gaming, but goes for life in general in any competitive sport.


- Huttball has no specific strategy, but the basic understanding is knowing when to pass the ball, controlling the central area and setting up passes. Of course things constantly shift in the meta-game so be creative and bold.

- Sages/Sorcs should try to get pulls on rafters, Guardians/Juggs should be the main ball carriers due to their exceptional advantage with leaping and intercepting. Gunslingers/Snipers should be heavily focused on mid.

- Shadows/ Assassins should be harrassing the enemy team's setups and key areas. Sentinels/Maras should be trigger happy with Trancesendence. Scoundrels are great for AoE mezzing and stealth caps.

- Commandos/Mercs or DPS Vanguards can utilize the rafters for safety. Healers of any class should be assisting in their respective fields. Whether it's setting up pulls or controlling mid. Setup passes and keep a clear focus on the ball. Be aware of charging classes and do not let them gain their advantages. Every class can do something in huttball, but it's up to the player to truly utilize it and make it shine.

Civil War
- Playing defensive in Civil War is fine. Playing defensive right off the bat, isn't. You need to keep your enemies guessing what side you're going to hit next. If they come bumrushing one side, see to it you have the offensive power to push another.

- Once you gain at least two sides, you've gained the advantage. You should keep this advantage, but you should never think it will remain the same. Be constantly aware and prepared for enemies that will rush your node. You can never be too safe.

- Remember, like any other warzone in this game, the key is not really killing, but delaying. Hold back the enemy team as long as you can so your team can gain the advantage.

"Alright, try not to kill them fast...Kill them slowly. Just slow them down." - After the first door cap.
- What Dritzfury said is the perfect example of generally how it goes in warzones. Voidstar especially. When you gain the offensive cap on the first door, it's very easy to get ahead and stay ahead.

- Even against good players, if there's no respawns ahead of you, you're free to cap doors.

- Can you cap both doors? Do it. Sends the enemy team into an even deeper panic. "Who do I stop first?" You also increase your chances of getting ahead.

- Defending Voidstar is simple. Never leave one alone at a door and ALWAYS keep your eyes on the door. Don't chase after kills and don't abandon your position. Call out incs.

Novare Coast
- However on the strat you choose to capture two points in NC, regardless you have to always be aware of where the enemy is at all times. Keep a clear communication and don't panic to call for help even if it's just one coming your way.

- Pay attention to the nodes, Novare Coast is all about capping these objectives.

- Remember, stalling people is the key to success when you already have the advantage.

Shadow/Assassin Specifics

Know your Role
- This class performs best as a pest and an absurd annoyance to the enemy team. You have a wide range of tools in your arsenal to demoralize and derail the enemy team.

- Move like a snake. Slither along the map. Use the environment to your advantage. Abuse LoS (Line of Sight) and keep your enemies on their toes. If they're guessing what you're going to do next then you're already ahead of them.

- Don't tunnel for damage numbers on the warzone scoreboard. Your epeen won't win you games. Instead, be more of an asset to your team. See someone about to kill your mate to the right? Stop them. Can you toss a guard or Force Pull someone away from the goal line? Do it.

Be Creative

- You're using a highly versatile class. You have sprint, taunts, pulls, guards, stuns and mezzes. This gives a great multitude of dimensions to this class. So don't be shy, try something new.

- Bait players. Use their tunneling mentality against them and lure them away from their healers or tanks. Seperate the enemy team and scatter them beyond composure. Play like a disruptor.

- Never lose what you're truly after. That's to win. Keep your eyes on those nodes, doors or balls at all times. Who cares if it costs you a death? Once you win.

Hope this guide has helped and gives you a general idea for getting across a win in your warzones. Too many players focus on their own goals over helping a team effort. You're playing a team based game, your role can make or break a team.


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