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Topic: A funny joke!

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Xinika the Omnispawna
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A funny joke!

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every word comes from you, what does it do to the other

reach the mountain and listen to the wind

it does not care about a single thought that goes through your mind

your tears do not exist because the river is as dry as the desert sand

like an old ocean that once bloomed with life

with love, with harmony

harmony does not exist in slums

slums only show what was once there

like an olden shack, reminding you of the potential that could have been

all you can do is look at it and wonder

all you can do is just think about what can be

but what can be is not what is to be

it remains nothing more than it is

do you build it or destroy it?

build it, who knows what this can turn into

others start coming into the house, they feel your harmony

you share your harmony, we all love it

dance it up, this is where we all want to be

you want more, you take but you do not give

take, whore it, more, more, become the essence of selfish

too much joy, too much happiness, too entertaining, it becomes exactly what you did not want

the freedom you sought out for so long is nothing more than the exact thing you tried to evade

and soon you see yourself trapped in the same lie you came from

the same artificial world you were grown in, you try to bring it here


you fester

you blame others for what you have done

cast a spell on the people you once loved

cast a spell on the people you resided in, the ones that loved you

suddenly all the happiness is gone - it becomes the next end of the spectrum

lash out, destroy, burn

are you happy now?

are you entertained?

the house is no longer the same

it tries to grow stronger, it tries to move on without you

you little piece of the puzzle, you little spec

get over yourself, you're not that important

you try to bring death, the house brings life

but you'll burn

you'll burn for the crimes you've done against her

she waits, she lurks, she's taken the blame - the hurt - the abuse

you've ripped her apart, disconfigured her, destroyed her, just for your 'happiness'

your 'entertainment'

but she remains resilient

you can only run for so long before it comes back to haunt you

and you'll burn

you'll burn for all that you've done in the same fire you brought on yourself

are you entertained now?

are you laughing now? is it funny, friend?

is this what you wanted to read?

where is the joke? where is the comedy? where is the punchline?







Everyday is a day to celebrate

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