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Topic: The True Face of Skill

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Xinika the Omnispawna
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The True Face of Skill

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What is skill? What exactly makes someone adept at what they do? We've seen many adepts in various ways. Whether it be video games, karate, hunting, blogging, writing, dancing, singing and the list goes on and on and on. Point is there comes a time in one's life where you either meet an adept or you live long enough to see yourself become one. I'm not talking about simply learning a profession or just getting good at something. Anyone can tryhard and get success at certain feats. It does not necessarily make them skilled. No, you see, true skill is something a lot more than just trying to win.

People sometimes ask me how do you do what you do? What goes through your mind when you duel someone? What are you thinking?

Do you really want to know what I'm thinking? The answer may come as more of a surprise rather than an enlightenment. Truth be told: Nothing. Nothing runs through my mind. When I get into my absolute finest (in terms of 'skill caliber') there is no thought. There is no anger. There is no hate or hope. Desire, dreams, everything - I let it all go. There is only clarity. To me, when I engage someone in combat in my finest - whether it be a video game or real life fencing, to me, it is like a dance. Time slows down. Motions suddenly become realtime. I'm able to see or predict things that I cannot do when I am in a normal state. It becomes a form of meditation.

There is natural talent out there. Be it in the various fields that can come to mind, point is, there is natural succeeding in certain fields. However, like a wild stallion, these things must be tamed. They must be disciplined. Does this mean that your fire is gone? Do you suddenly lose your 'skill'? Not exactly. You see, part of being 'skilled' is understanding discipline. Gathering the strength is only the first step. Even if you do defeat your foes, at the end of the day, the greatest enemy is yourself. You have the power to make or break any situation. You must be at peace with anything you commit.

But Shin, why are you getting all 'Zen-like' on us?

Because I'm telling you how I operate in the success of my disciplines. Of course there are times when I may fluctuate. I'm still human. Nevertheless, there is an underline peace and knowing that carries me throughout any emotional outburst. It is a self-developed peace and it is the reason I continue to improve. Think for a moment. If one was to go in emotionally distressed in a 1v1 vs someone with a clear mindset, who exactly do you think would win? Emotions are a temporary state of insanity. We can alter and control them, but the outbursts are nevertheless nothing more than foggy clouds. They blind us and keep us down. Even if you are tryharding. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you will undoubtedly improve.

What do the Jedi do when they are not fighting?

It's a mindset. A developed intuition. There is no cut off point for it. Like water, it continues to flow. It finds new shapes and carves new mountains. It sinks land masses and raises plants high. Skill is an ever-changing constant. One that can never remain the same. It is something that can be identified by other adepts. It is respected by those who can see it and awed by any who feel it.

True skill is not tryharding. True skill, like water, flows naturally.



Everyday is a day to celebrate

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Reading this basically reminds me of the duels I was losing yesterday. It comes to mind that whenever I get angry it makes me play worse, and I became frustrated in those duels yesterday and stopped thinking.


I believe to be truly skilled at something you need a mix of passion, dedication, natural talent, and confidence. 


interesting read, as always

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