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Topic: Gunslinger 1.3 PVP Guide

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Gunslinger 1.3 PVP Guide

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The gunslinger is great class with decent mobility, high damage, and area denial. The gunslinger can provide excellent burst damage and if spec'd right the most aoe's then any other class allowing for area denial. This class while leveling up can hold its own in the 10-49 pvp brackets. With energy management and postitioning you can be a force to be reckoned with.


Table of Contents

1. Spec's

2. Gear

3. Stats

4. Rotation

5. Positioning











As far as gear goes. You'll want to go for the Field Tech 4 piece bonus. Which will increase your interupt to 35 meters. The extra 5 energy from the Enforcer set would only really benifit the dirty fighting spec, but as long as you know how to handle you're energy reserves you should be find without it.

We do have a lot of accuracy on our gear. A mininum of 10% accuracy is required for Sharpshooter spec, while DF and Sab spec's can benifit from less. Considering the last two tree's use more tech attacks and sharpshooter uses more white damage attacks. Is the final dependent on how much accuracy is needed.



Expertise > Cunning (1700-2000)** >= Accuracy (5%-10%)*>Crit Rating (30%)= Surge Rating (75%) > Power


*As said in the last section its dependent on spec whether to hit the 10% for Sharpshooter or lose some extra for the other two tree's.

**Cunning to soft cap, there is still dispute on whether you should stop at 1700 or continue on past 2000. This might have to be personal preference until I can find more information on this.

<Crit and surge should be near balanced before heading for the final stat Power. Also without a soft cap on cunning, you won't get the returns from power to begin with.>



SS/Sab hybrid: Sabotage Charge>Charged Burst>Aimed Shot=Trickshot*>Quickdraw


*depending if your target is about to los you, gotta know if you'll have time to finish that aimed shot or to get off an instant trick shot.


This is just a basic rotation of the main attacks you'll be using. Word to the wise though. Speed shot is only really good for PVE. It has a long channeled cast time, easily los'd and its a major energy burner for something that isn't very dependable.


Sabslinger: Flyby> incendiary grenade> shock charge> sab charge> thermal grenade>quick draw

Dirty Fighting: vital shot>hemo blast>shrap bomb*>wounding shots>quickdraw**

*use shrap bomb first only if you find a group. but 1v1 use it third

**use flurry of bolts as filler

Diverstion is an excellent tool to use vs other snipers in cover, someone attacking yourself, or to throw on an enemy target attacking your healer.

Flourish shot is best used on a healer or during a burst rotation in combination with Illegal Mods.

Smuggler's Luck should be used every CD, uses no energy and provides 100% crit chance on your next Charged Burst.

If spec'd into Sabteur's Utility Belt you can sit in cover and hunker down near an objective and throw grenade to keep people from capping doors.



Most people think a gunslinger doesn't move and just sits and turrets. That's not true for any of the spec's. A smart gunslinger should always be moving. Yes even the Sharpshooter moves, cause if spec'd properly they get a free instant charged burst every 3 seconds.

Now when should you move and when to sit and turret is dependent on soo many variables I couldn't list them all. But i'll try to list some do's and do not's.



Keep an eye on the objective at all times. That includes being mid field in huttball. You're there to act as an area denial sentry. Keeping players from grabbing balls <hehe> and from capping doors.

Use natural cover when posible, it will protect you a lot more and on the bonus you're not waving a giant red/blue flag in front of you so people are less likely to focus you.


Do not sit in the middle of a fight unless you're defending a door. Even then try to be to the sides of the fight. We're not tanks and we're pretty squishy.

Do not los your healer, if possible try to sit on your healer when protecting objectives <IE: Voidstar doors and Novare Coast nodes>

Be sure to call out you're about to use a Mez so people don't accidently break them.




Final thoughts:

The gunslinger is a decent class to play. Their is much more that needs to be added to this guide. Still gathering information to expand this guide a little more. Still need to fix grammar and spelling errors. Until next time.

Stay Gold.


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